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THB BURY  Cradle BlackBerry Bold 9000
THB Cradle Car Kit for BlackBerry Curve 8320, Curve 8310, Curve 8300

   THB  Apple Iphone Cradle Car Kit 
         THB E51 AND N95 nokia cradles            Car Kits for Mobile Phones & PDA's - THB Bury System8       Trend
Talk is also based on the Uni System 8 platform but installation is simpler via plug and play connection to your vehicle accessory socket. Once this base unit is installed you can instantly change cradles without any tools or set up changes. Cradles available to suit over 200 different models of mobile phones and PDA devices.


  We Specialise in No Hole Installations



Parrot Bluetooth HANDS FREE CAR KITS

Bluetooth hands free car kits
parrot commandes au volant 
Steering wheel controls
  parrot cables ISO installations 
Car ISO Adapters

 Parrot, the world's first company to produce Bluetooth car kits, has launched the CK3200 LS-COLOR Advanced Car Kit for drivers who want wireless hands-free phone function with easy-to-read LCD display.

The 64mmx58mmx20mm dash-mounted color LCD screen displays information including Caller ID for both incoming and outgoing calls, adding Photo ID when photos are programmed into the address portion of either your car kit or phone


 GSM and 3G & Next g Antennas Tri band







 Multi Band Cellular Antennas

The RFI range contains perhaps the most versatile Cellular antennas in the world with the Duet™ and Quadrant® antennas

 Also Hi Gain 6.5 gain Antennas



A wide choice available including internal tax disc or strip type or the traditional external glass mounted antenna all of which can be removed without leaving any markings




Radio Mute (Optional Extra):
Optional extras include Radio (audio) mute facility to route the mobile call audio via your vehicle’s own stereo speakers.

Whilst many vehicles support a Radio Mute facility there are many others that require an Advanced Radio Mute interface kit.  Its function is to mute the radio upon the mobile phone receiving a call and then to re-direct the mobile phone’s audio via the vehicles’ sound system to improve the quality of the call and to prevent the driver from being distracted by having to turn off or turn down the radio in order to take the call whilst driving.


Bluetooth Car Kits

Nokia  CK7W Carkit      Bluetooth Car Kit Fully Installed from $300 Nokia Carkit                                                               

Manufacturer's Description
Manage your time more efficiently and manage your calls while on the go with the Nokia Advanced Car Kit. It offers convenient, easy-to-use handsfree communication in a vehicle, and allows you to connect your phone via the Pop-Port" connector or wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

An automatic radio mute turns down the tunes while you're on a call, and with a single button you can activate name dialing*, answer and end calls, and adjust the volume.

The Nokia Advanced Car Kit is compatible with a broad range of mobile phones through its two connection options - either wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection or through cable via the Pop-Port" connector.   Nokia Cradles      Nokia CR-97 Car Cradle       Nokia E71 + Nokia CR-106 Cradle (UK, Grey Steel, QWERTY) | eXpansys Code: 175068             Nokia CR-99 Cradle | eXpansys Code: 162886    

    6210 nav cradle           e71 cradle                               cr 99 uni cradle             NOKIA N95 & N96 SERIES

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 Iphone cradle with antenna  See full size image                            

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  New Nokia 6700 cradle with antenna  


Cradles for all Phones  


Talkpad Full Function Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit Talkpad

Experience the freedom and sound quality of a fully installed car kit - with the convenience of Bluetooth. No need to put your Bluetooth mobile phone in a cradle - the phone starts communicating with the car kit the minute you enter the vehicle.

Leave your phone in your pocket or briefcase and answer calls at the push of a button.  The Talkpad enables you to use your phone wirelessly in the vehicle.

The Talkpad also has these features: Talkpad

  • Automatically connects to your mobile phone when you are powered and within range (10m) using Bluetooth technology.
  • Send and receive calls without picking up the phone .
  • Talk on the phone without any restrictions allowing you to drive safely. 
  • Radio Mute turns your radio off on receiving a call.   
  • Full Duplex.
  • 12-24 Volts for use in all Australian vehicles including passenger cars, trucks and buses.

Nokia Cradles


Conversion Cable

Carkit upgrade cable/adaptor for Nokia CARK-91 Car Kit to pop/port cradles/ or Bluetooth car kit




upgrade car kit module  to Bluetooth Kit

The Car kit Adaptor  allows you to update both the Nokia Advanced HF Car Kit CARK-91 and the Nokia Advanced HF Car Kit CARK-109 to work with compatible Nokia Pop-Port or Bluetooth equipped phones.

From Cark91 to new  Bluetooth  car kit /Port Port phones

 From old to New Bluetooth

Because you can install the  Converter cable and change the compatible mobile phone holder by yourself, updating your car kit to work with newer Nokia phones is quick and convenient.

• Allows operation of selected Nokia Pop-Port™or bluetooth phones  with the Nokia Advanced HF Car Kit CARK-91 and Nokia Advanced HF Car Kit CARK-109.
• Broad compatibility with Nokia mobile holders and phones.
• Self-installation is possible.

This adaptor lets you cheaply and easily use your CARK-91 kit with a host of newer Nokia handsets by simply installing the Cable and connecting it to the correct Nokia holder for your new Nokia handset

Purchase cable from Carkit Installs Call:0418545845