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Car Kits For Your iPoD

Get digital quality sound with your iPod in the car...

Yes you can get at your songs and playlists without taking your eyes off the road? DrivePlay is a new device that basically enables you to turn your entire car into one big, moving iPod.

It gives you the menu screen, the click wheel and the sound of all your favourite tunes coming straight out of your car speakers, without for a second compromising your driving.

The Drive and Play can be powered by either a 12v power harness or by a standard 12V accessory power cable that plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter (yet another reason to give up smoking).

It has 3 principal components - the brain, the controller and the display. Set-up is as simple as connecting the brain to the power supply and then attaching all the other components, including your iPod, to the brain. It’s a bit like assembling a robot, only, you know…much easier.

Once everything is connected to the brain it can then be stashed somewhere safe and inconspicuous, such as the glove box or under the seat.

Ipod Adapter